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aloe blacc - the man

"i believe every lie that i ever told. paid for every heart that i ever stole."

I totally forgot that this blog existed. Back on it, I guess. Can’t seem to find anything to write nowadays on my main blog… lol

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OFF TO THE RACES - lana del rey

It’s like I’m a transition for people to find someone better. I’m a part of their life, but it’s never permanent. Maybe romance just isn’t my game. Either way, I become a part of their story only to watch them move on and start a new chapter… while I’m stuck where I am, still wishing I had them.

I’m a transition. Never an ending. 

Ugh. I wish I didn’t see that picture.

Fuck you. You’re a waste of time. You’re seriously gonna sit there and give everyone a pity show about how no one ever treats you right? About how you’re so damn alone and no one is willing to give you the time of day? About how no one is willing to give you a fucking chance? You’re a damn hypocrite and you know it. Fucking pussy.

lol everyone wants abs and shit but i’m like, i’d rather eat ya know…

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CELEBRATION | game ft. chris brown, wiz khalifa, tyga & lil wayne

"We havin’ a celebration, let us stay high…"

what the fuck just happened to my two pictures i posted ugh this is why i hate posting shit on my iphone app =_=

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man on the moon [the anthem] - KID CUDI

—> ”I guess if I was boring they would love me more. Guess if i was simple in the mind, everything would be fine. Maybe if I was a jerk to girls, instead of being nice and speaking kind words. Maybe it would be okay to say then, I wasn’t a good guy to begin with…”